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Wavenet is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art cables including communication cables such as Category 5e, 6, Security Cables, Audio Cables, Coaxial Cables & Fiber Optics Cables. Also, Wavenet manufactures high frequency coaxial cable for the wireless transmission line and rugged shipboard cable.

Wavenet utilizes a centralized customer service function as a point of contact for information and help. We strive to offer flexible, scalable, and customizable solutions and services to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers who must respond flexibly to the rapidly changing requirements of the marketplace. Our customer service personnel are empowered to resolve problems and satisfy customers.



Our goal is to deliver quality products/services to our customers along with highly sophisticated operation management skills and thereby enhancing our customers’ competitive edge in the marketplace. We guarantee that all products meet various industry standards imposing rigorous quality control procedures throughout manufacturing and at final inspection.


It is our foremost priority on serving our valued customers. We are committed to making our customers highly satisfied. Dedication to our customers, combined with a focus on long-term growth within the electrical and telecommunication distribution industry gives us the capability for continued success and ensures out customers a continuity of service second to none!


We are specialized in providing quality private labeled products to meet each customer’s demands.